Thursday, October 16, 2008

From the desk of

The only thing I love more than updating my blog is not updating my blog.

Upcoming events worth noting:

Growing up, birthday parties were synonymous with piñatas – piñatas filled with candy, piñatas filled with money & piñatas filled with flour (the adults in my family were funny, real funny). Carly celebrates her birthday the only way I knew growing up:

I’ll be filling Kate Tsang’s shoes behind the laptop & speakers. We will celebrate with NYC in mind and you in our hearts & dancing feet.

And, if you’re not exhausted from the piñata bashing, then good – I‘ll see you the following night for my dear friend Stephanie’s birthday party. For this we migrate from LA to Orange County. A warehouse Halloween celebration, no flyer for this one, little ones, sorry:

I’ve retired my Warhol wig for something more contemporary & timeless.

I'll leave you with a view from behind my desk at work:

Inside my desk, top drawer: Rosebud salve, stress-relieving lotion, dove chocolate squares