Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yakety Yak

SQZMYLMNS @ the OFFICE was garbage, although not completely. The music was good, as expected, though the crowd was dead and few and far between. As far as the place itself, its no longer anything like Scolari's, in fact, its the opposite. The days of cheap drinks are over. Jive Wire @ the Casbah was an entertaining alternative to SQZMYLMNS. San Diego is still San Diego which basically means you will run into everyone you know on any given day - whether you want to see them or not; you'll always be 'surprised.' That night ended with a Jack Daniels disco dancing clearing of the dance floor.

The majority of my weekend was spent in the company of asian women, among them the already notorious "animal out of their natural habitat." Speaking of the devil, I was checking out a sale at Express with her (her mother had notified her of the sale - believe it or not, her mother is Chinese & into sales) & some crazy bitch asked me where "my" fitting rooms were. Within the hour we were sitting at an undisclosed restaurant. We were seated in a corner & within 10 minutes of sitting I asked our server what we had done to be punished with the seats we were given - he was speechless, embarrassed & was notably shy about returning to our table for the remainder of our 'meal.' I was kidding with him.

Blow Up LA - you are garbage. From the hustling security guard to your seven dollar watered down drinks to your unlit bathrooms. Also, your music sucked. However, if you're ever in LA, driving down Sunset Blvd. by Short Stop in Echo Park, stop by the gas station on that corner and have a bacon wrapped hot dog. Vegetarians, watch your non-vegetarian friends eat one.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Test, Part III: Matching

Match the following text with the most fitting photograph.

I'm a bitch
I'm a lover
I'm a child
I'm a mother(fucker)
I'm a sinner
I'm a saint

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Save Your Dollars - San Diego & Its Poor Excuse of a Summer

Like a mite, San Diego buried itself under my skin (years ago) and has me feeling like this. Why don't you leave if you don't like it, you ask? Fuck you, thats what I say.

I'm not the only one who feels this way, apparently. Even filth & disease seems to pursue a quick ending in San Diego.

I love white people for their silly phrases, among them: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And since its Thursday night, I'm going to take my lemons and get them squeezed tonight - SQZMYLMNS @ the OFFICE (RIP Scolari's).